Friday, September 13, 2013

Play That Card

(jcrew boyfriend jeans // madewell camden tote // madewell modern blazer // jcrew houndstooth sweater // loeffler randall booties)

i just got that little twinge of excitement that only comes with that first cool breeze after a long hot august, but also with the thought of that fall shopping wishlist that is now dancing around in my head.

have you ever asked yourself, "what do i need to do this week in order to afford those 'i-have-to-have' loeffler randall booties you eyed at bloomies?" being the queen of rationalization, i play that card. i will cut out my daily sbux addiction and have a few saturday nights at home... well maybe not cut out sbux completely.

this week, i made my "have-to-have," i'll drink coffee at home, stay in with a bottle of wine wish list...


p.s. have you seen leo's take on gatsby? no time like the present...

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