Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dreaming of Capri

this morning i woke up to my alarm blaring, wishing i could doze for just a few more minutes... walking through the flower lined streets of capri. streets no wider than an arms length, filled with the aroma of lemon, herbs, flowers and garlic. grapes growing on the cliff sides, tomatoes ripe for picking and every turn leading down a path to a breathtaking view unlike any other.

it has been just two weeks, but this morning it felt like minutes. oh, what i would give to hit snooze and continue to fall in love all over again. because that's what capri does, it makes you fall in love.

the beauty of travel. the beauty of new experiences. the desire to be part of something bigger than our everyday life. capri is a reminder to always keep dreaming and exploring the world. all we have is a lifetime and life is far too short to hold back on memories like these...

here's to another day of skipping my sbux latte, a few weeks of diy mani/pedi and enjoying some weekends at home cooking - all with our next trip in mind. 


(photos taken by k) 

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