Monday, September 30, 2013

Bottled Up Stamina

"if only your stamina could be bottled up and sold..." -s

she might just be right after what was a crazy event packed weekend of cocktails, family, and great times with friends.

friday started off right with a happy hour that turned into a couple hours at o'callaghans followed by a girlfriend's bridal shower. saturday began with a lakefront walk, doc b's, our niece's 3rd bday celebration, and ended with a celine dance party (is there any better way to end a sat night??). sunday was church then brunch at little market followed by the weekend's highlight- bagpipes & bonfire. yep, i said it, and you are asking "what is bagpipes and bonfire?" it's traveling to scotland for the afternoon. it's men in tartan kilts, pony rides, skydivers, tractor rides, one fabulous bbq spread, and a killer bonfire. it's an autumnal party i am sure glad i didn't miss.

often i get questioned why i say yes all the time or run myself into a state of exhaustion???...while i am the first one to appreciate a night at home (like i am doing now), i also like to pour myself into (almost) anything because you never really know what each day will bring. you have to live in the moment and jump on opportunities & fun invitations. i am a big believer (along with blake lively) that when you wake up in the morning you should say to yourself, "there is no reason today can't be the best day of my life," for real, try it. are you laughing!? well, i think its true. so when i was lying on my bed enjoying the peace and quiet after church & brunch contemplating my next move-- i decided to dismiss my lack of energy and minor cough to go with friends to an event i knew close to nothing about, but sure enough i am already looking back on it as a highlight of 2013 (thanks bestie, sarah, & j!).

go ahead, try telling yourself tomorrow morning, "there is no reason today can't be the best day of my life." you may too find that your stamina should be bottled up and sold. #stys


(photos taken by c)

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